Sexting and Sexcasting at School

Many students do not realize the devastating effects of sexting, the uploading of indecent pictures of oneself, or sexcasting, the uploading of images of indecent acts with others.  For example, a young woman in Ohio sent nude pictures of herself to her boyfriend.  When they broke up, he sent the pictures to several people at school.  She was devastated and ended up committing suicide. 1

Sexting can ruin reputations and prevent future opportunities for a lifetime.  What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet… forever.  Once it propagates, it cannot be erased.  In many states, students involved in sexting can be arrested for three felony offenses: manufacturing, possession and distribution of child pornography.

Sexting can pose a serious threat to school administrators.  An assistant principal was recently accused of child pornography after confiscating a cell phone from a student with an indecent picture of a minor on it and downloading the image as evidence against this student. 2  Sexting is not limited to cell phones.  Images can be emailed or uploaded onto school computers.

Having a monitoring service like CompuGuardian not only helps schools prevent this problem, but it can provide a clear record of who sent which picture to whom so that administrators are not falsely accused of inappropriate actions when disciplining students involved in this activity.