Cyberbullying Threatens Schools

Online harassment of students can ruin reputations and cause psychological damage.  Cyberbullying can even drive students to commit suicide.

One study showed that online messages posted by middle and high school students in the Los Angeles area were found to be:

…full of sexual innuendo aimed at individual students and focusing on topics such as ‘the weirdest people at your school.’  …prompting a sense of despair among scores of teenagers disparaged on the site, and frustration among parents and school administrators.… One crying student, whose address and phone number were published on the site, was barraged with calls from people calling her a slut and a prostitute.” 1

As psychologist Kelly Dedel told the Los Angeles Times about cyberbullying:

“It’s not just a few of the kids at school; it’s the whole world.…Anybody could log on and see what they said about you…. What’s written remains, haunting, torturing these kids.”

Just as schools have been sued for not protecting students from traditional bullying, cyberbullying is becoming a real legal liability for schools.  Providing a safe environment for students is just as important in the computer lab as it is everywhere else on campus. 

CompuGuardian provides powerful logging and reporting tools to schools to proactively prevent cyberbullying before it escalates into a serious problem.