Remote Control

CompuGuardian allows you to monitor and control your students’ computer activities in real-time anywhere in the world from a browser with Internet access.

With CompuGuardian you’ll be able to send your students warning messages. You can remotely close programs and block them from ever being run. If you need to change the rules, you can unblock programs using your browser. It’s really that simple! With CompuGuardian, as long as you are able to access an Internet browser, you’ll be able to monitor your students’ computer activities and take control at anytime.

Web-based remote control of school computersRemote Control Features:

  • Send messages to your students remotely
  • Close selected windows permanently from any remote computer
  • Lock up the computer
  • Log your students off at anytime
  • Force a shutdown of the computer
  • Change content blocking settings

Take Control of Your Students’ Online Safety!

Unfortunately, many schools fail to protect or monitor their students’ online activities. Unaware or unconcerned about the real dangers that lurk on the Internet, schools often leave their students’ safety up to chance.

With CompuGuardian you can finally take control of your students’ online and computer experience while better protecting your school from the dangers of the Internet.

CompuGuardian is a revolutionary new web-monitoring solution that allows you to monitor and control your students’ computer activities all with a few simple mouse clicks. You’ll be able to easily understand your students’ computer usage and make decisions about inappropriate content. Best of all, CompuGuardian will make sure your rules are always enforced – even when you aren’t around.