E-Rate Eligible

E-Rate Eligible Monitoring Software for SchoolsSince we are an E-Rate provider, the web hosting costs (normally 60% of the total cost) associated with your CompuGuardian membership are E-Rate eligible if you choose us to do the hosting.  This means that more that half of the total cost could be covered by the E-Rate program (60% x 90% = 54%).  In order to qualify, Form 470 must normally be filed in Febrary, followed by Form 471 in March for the school year beginning in July.  Check usac.org for specific dates and details for the coming school year.  Below is a description of CompuGuardian for E-Rate purposes.

CompuGuardian is a computer monitoring and control service for schools and libraries. It consists of client software that runs on each computer being monitored and controlled; a server that receives and stores information generated by the computer users and transferred by the client software; and web hosting provided by a server that displays the user generated information along with the ability to send setting changes and commands back to the client software.

The service optionally records and displays websites visited, chatting, keystrokes typed, programs used, screenshots, installed software, social networking activities, web searches and online form submissions in activity logs or generated summary reports. It also has customizable controls to block programs, set time limits, send alerts and block websites. Through the web interface computers can be remotely controlled by changing settings, closing windows, sending messages, locking up the computer, logging off users or shutting down the computer.

The portion of the service that is eligible for Priority 1, Internet Access, Web Hosting E-Rate funding is the server cost associated with (1) bandwidth transferring user generated data to and from the server, (2) storage of user generated data on the server and (3) web hosting expenses displaying user generated information on websites. This portion of the service cost is itemized separately by the service provider and may optionally be provided by the customer’s own server or a third party provider of the customer’s choosing.