Activity Logs

Never again will your students be able to hide from you the websites they are visiting when you aren’t checking on them. CompuGuardian logs activities online where they can’t be deleted. Access your students’ computer history remotely from a browser at any time or from anywhere in the world you have a browser with Internet access.

Activity Logging Features:

  • Logs application usage (including when and what window the user has opened and has active). This is not limited to browser activity. Our software logs any open window or program as well as who is logged in.
  • Logs keystrokes
  • Logs browser activities
  • Provides periodic screenshots of your students’ activities (CompuGuardian can send automatically for every 15 minutes of activity or anytime on demand)Activity logs of computer monitoring history, browsing and program usage

Customer Testimonial

The biggest advantage we have seen is the ability to view a student’s laptop logs without pulling in the computer. This means we have the ability to do investigative work prior to interviewing a student or to retrieving the laptop for further review. This feature has also given parents the ability to log in and monitor their own student’s logs.

- Carl B.