Sexting and Sexcasting at School

Many students do not realize the devastating effects of sexting, the uploading of indecent pictures of oneself, or sexcasting, the uploading of images of indecent acts with others.  For example, a young woman in Ohio sent nude pictures of herself to her boyfriend.  When they broke up, he sent the pictures to several people at [...]


School Internet Filter Problems

Most schools have Internet filters to protect students from inappropriate online content and to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  However, Internet filters are not enough. First of all, with hundreds of new pornography and other inappropriate sites surfacing everyday, it is a losing battle to try to create a database of every bad [...]


Pornography on School Computers

Could schools face legal liabilities by allowing pornography on school computers out of negligence? In March, a teacher was caught viewing pornography on his computer while he was teaching a class of 13-years olds1. Just two months ago, at another school a class of eight and nine year-olds were watching a computer presentation when a [...]