CompuGuardian protects students and schools from the dangers and liabilities of online school computers.

In a modern world where paper and pencil have evolved to keyboard and Internet, new hazards threaten the well being of student body, staff and administrators alike.  CompuGuardian allows IT personnel to know exactly what is going on in real-time or at any time in history on any school computer or laptop within or without the school firewall and to remotely control those computers.

Powerful reporting tools help you to sift through logs to identify problems.  Web-based computer controls allow you to assign computers to groups and subgroups to make monitoring and controlling hundreds or thousands of computers manageable.  Create accounts for staff with customizable permissions and assigned computer subgroups so that teachers can monitor their own classes or parents can monitor their own children at school.

Best of all CompuGuardian is the ONLY monitoring and control software for schools with patent pending Teenagerproof® technology to make sure that your students won’t be able to bypass or disable it.

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